Gossamer is a biannual print magazine for the modern cannabis consumer. Goal is to bridge the gap between the cannabis world—with all its outdated stereotypes —and the larger lifestyle and luxury space in a creative, elevated, and accessible way. For volume 3 – Night – we collaborated with many talented writers and visual artists, such as Maria Medem, Nicholas Law, Marijpol, Nejc Prah and Noémi Ottilia Szabo to explore differerent nightly moods, taking you on a trip through dusk until dawn. Inspired by the ererratic weirdness of dream sequences, we an embraced a wide-ranging mix of visual expressions in the way we approached overall art direction and layout. Order your copy of gossamer

Night or nighttime  is the period from sunset to sunrise in each twenty-four hours, when the Sun is below the horizon. Complete darkness or astronomical night is the period between astronomical dusk and astronomical dawn when the Sun is between 18 and 90 degrees below the horizon and does not illuminate the sky. As seen from latitudes between 48.5° and 65.7° north or south of the Equator, complete darkness does not occur around the summer solstice because although the Sun sets, it is never more than 18° below the horizon at lower culmination.